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 Astra-North Infoteck, your IT resource partner with a shared vision.


Astra North offers its clients integrated  services and solutions to address their technology needs, so they can focus on their core business.


Astra North is a global information technology services, management consulting and outsourcing company headquartered in Canada.


Astra North helps enterprises worldwide successfully navigate the ever-changing, challenging and complex information technology environment.


Astra North agilely delivers value added IT services to its clients including all essential strategies, tactics and processes needed to support all IT needs both in the present and the future.




The world has been witnessing a phenomenal change by which information technology is used in enterprises. IT has graduated at a fast pace from a mere supportive role to an enabling role and in some business areas to an essential critical success factor interwoven with other business processes of the enterprise.


Astra North helps clients focus on their core business and achieve their enterprise goals by leveraging their IT assets to acquire a competitive edge in the global marketplace.





Astra North combines the three key elements of People, Process and Technology for the design, set-up, management and integration of a fast, agile and adaptable technology hub by evaluating and streamlining client business processes, conducting analysis for costs and trends, and integrating a workflow tool that supports the program from a process, compliance, financial and reporting perspective.


Astra North provides consolidation and management programs of services provided by external suppliers, delivering process efficiencies, cost savings and accountability and by improving the visibility and analysis of client organization as well as taking responsibility of the clients non-core activities turning those associated costs from fixed to variable.



Strategic alignment between the objectives of an enterprise and its information technology functions have become the key to an organizations success. Astra North recognizes this critical link and shares the visions of it clients and embeds it in its solution offerings.



Astra North helps enterprises conquer the constantly evolving challenges associated with managing dispersed technologies and changing business processes while concurrently maintaining consistent application performance and securing information access.

Enterprise Solutions

Astra North provides its clients with a comprehensive enterprise-wide view to leverage and maximize the available resources while developing a scalable, flexible and efficient process to adapt a variable model depending on actual needs.


We develop strategies to operationalize action plans, reduce development time and improve support functions to meet strict, measurable service levels with improved visibility and communication across the business.


Astra North’s stringent quality controls and metrics provide clients with information for existing and future needs and other timely business intelligence that ultimately yields better, faster results than traditional in-house methods. We believe that every client enterprise has unique requirements.

Astra North provides key performance indicators on targets that can measure and track the progress and improvements and provides comprehensive Financial Impact Analysis.

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